Shooting with fabulous light demo by Lovegrove

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How to use Scatterflash

Attach a pro Speedlight to a lighting stand • 

Place the Scattergrip on the Speedlight • 

Insert the rods into the Scattergrip • 

Attach the gel to each clip in turn • 

Set the light angle and direction • 

Start shooting and make some magic • 

Light and shade

Shard is inspired by palm fronds and creates a tropical beach feel with a subtle vignette effect highlighting your subject within its hot-spot area.

Alto named after Altocumulus clouds is on cloud nine with its delicate half tones and subtle effect.

Crunch gives a more striking end result with greater contrast and an even distribution of shadows.

Lighting matters

You may find it worthwhile to stand in the position of your subject and look back to the Speedlight to ensure a clear patch of gel lies between you and the flash lens. This way you can decide what way to adjust the light position. I find this simple tip speeds up the shooting process.

You can leave the Scattergrip on your flash head at all times. It will come to no harm and it will always be there when you need it.

Scatterflash rods hold the gels at the optimum distance in front of your Speedlight to ensure the designs deliver lovely soft edged shadows in your photographs.

Transform your Speedlight into a beautiful light source

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Better by design

In cases of moderate unexpected wind gusts the clips are designed to release the gel before the stand gets blown over. However we always suggest that you weigh down your light stand.

Do be careful when rigging Scatterflash. To avoid eye injury don’t leave the unit at eye height unattended with the rods rigged without a gel attached. 

Scatterflash gels are not designed to work with studio flash heads, flash heads with doughnut or horseshoe shaped flash tubes or flash units with frosted diffuser fronts. They need a small point source of light to create their beautiful shadows.

Do not use the gels with hot lights. They will melt and may catch fire. Use Scatterflash gels with Speedlights.

Great on location

"This shot was taken in a disused quarry near to my studio. I used the 'Crunch' Scatterflash gel on a Godox AD200 to light Alice. Being able to simply add 'texture' to a shot using a Speedlight on location is wonderful."

Damien Lovegrove

Watch the video below to see the three Scatterflash gels in use on a plain wall and to see the behind the scenes of the making of this portrait. Then get out on location and bring your neighbourhood locations to life with your Scatterflash.

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Watch a video comparing the Scatterflash gels plus a BTS of the shot above

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Instant success

"Let me show you my first result with the Scatterflash"
Bart Boodts

"Thank you Bart. Have fun creating fabulous light for your clients. Best regards," Damien


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